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ASP.NET Core Pre-Benchmarking on Ubuntu using Docker

This blog post is about yak shaving before starting learning how to do benchmarks of ASP.NET Core on Ubuntu using Docker for Windows. Disclaimer: I am trying to learn how to do ASP.NET Core benchmarks using Docker. This could help developers to benchmark their Web Apps in order to improve their performance. https://t.co/wKeQMvCSjUI will update it based on your questions and feedback. When it's good enough I will add it in the main readme.— S├ębastien Ros (@sebastienros) January 23, 2018 PS C:\Program Files\PowerShell\6.0.2> docker pull ubuntu:latest latest: Pulling from library/ubuntu 22dc81ace0ea: Pull complete 1a8b3c87dba3: Pull complete 91390a1c435a: Pull complete 07844b14977e: Pull complete b78396653dae: Pull complete...