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ODP.NET on Microsoft .NET Core

TL;DR Oracle outlines its planned support for Microsoft .NET Core. Oracle's .NET development community numbers over 800,000 members. With Oracle's extensive support, Visual Studio developers can take full advantage of database and application server technologies, such as performance self-tuning, Real Application Clusters, messaging, and simplified management of advanced data types, such as XML, SecureFiles, and user-defined types. Recently, Oracle published the following statement of direction: ODP on .NET Core Statement of Direction: https://t.co/YCvkgxucHuTL;DR RTM end of 2017. Core 2.0 min req. EF+ASP Core planned post-2017— Oracle .NET Team (@OracleDOTNET) March 13, 2017 Oracle's Disclaimer The following is intended to outline our general product direction. It is intended for information purposes only,...