I was a speaker at Microsoft Ignite 2017

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Microsoft Ignite 2017 (September 25–29) is the biggest Microsoft event of the year! This time it's held in sunny and hot Orlando, Florida. Coming from Paris with a short stopover in Atlanta, and especially that period of the year I appreciate the warm breeze and humid evenings. Zero hurricanes was a big relief. I arrived to Ignite in Sunday that's why I did not succeeded to fight jetlag efficiently.

I was honored to be invited this year as a speaker. I participated with a lightning talk about ASP.NET Core 2.0 fundamentals.

Microsoft Ignite is a great conference. I recommend that you attend it at least one time in your career. The speakers are very professional. During the conference, you meet a lot of people. It's an amazing place to network and meet Microsoft product teams. Ignite is also a great opportunity to discover the sponsors of the event by visiting their booths.

The logistics were impeccable this year, which is no small feat considering the 30,000+ attendees of Microsoft Ignite and Envision together (who all have basic needs such as Wi-Fi and foodβ€”in that order), 700+ sessions, shuttle services to dozens of conference hotels, and so on.

Ignite is also a place to meet friends and MVPs.

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Maher Jendoubi

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