Last Thursday, I attended an awesome ALT.NET meetup made up of 3 speakers here in Paris. It is organized every last Thursday each month. It is a great opportunity to give a talk/light talk for a friendly audience.

ALT.Net is a group of passionate .NET developers looking to improve the way software is developed. They recognize that there is no single solution to a problem but that there is a multitude of alternatives that can be applied in different situations.

Such a community is a place dedicated to sharing these alternatives, so that "alternative developers" can collectively learn, encourage and teach these new ideas. Meetings are organized monthly in Paris.

[TALK#1] Rui Carvalho : News, Development on VS for Mac and SQL Server Linux (

Rui — who is using ASP.NET Core on production — talked about a few updates on the latest news and announcements and did a small presentation specifically on these new alternatives that could change a lot about our way of working.

The speaker recommanded a nice tool for sql server on linux named sql-cli. It is easy to install it using node :

  • npm install -g sql-cli

[TALK#2] Tomasz Jaskula : Developing in F# on .NET Core

Tomasz made a small introduction of development in F# on .NET Core. He wrote using Visual Studio Code on Mac a (FizzBuzz Kata) to show that F# is present on the new platform and that the alternative tools already present today are very functional. The code is hosted in Github here.

[TALK#3] Stephane Belkheraz : Caching in .NET Core

Stephane is writing a book on ASP.NET Core. He presented during his talk the different cache options on .Net Core that have evolved well.

  • The use of the Middleware Owin cache

  • .NET Cache with the MemoryCache object

  • MVC - HTML caching with TagHelpers Cache

  • MVC - Use the ResponseCache attribute

  • Use the session

  • Using Redis

The demos are hosted in Github here.

After the talks, I had a great fun to discuss with some of the attendees.

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